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When to set up a website or an application?

A website is a set of applications composed in different programming languages and frameworks launched over different addresses. Example:

  • domain – homepage
  • domain/blog – corporate blog
  • forum.domain – forum for customers.

All the domains added to the website are equally important (PHP is the exception). This means that all the addresses work at the domains added to the website. In other words, if you add a .pl/ domain, all the homepage, blog and forum will be available at these domains.

When to set up a new website?

You should set up a new website when you wish to add a independently working, assigned to another domain website.

Let’s suppose you’re a freelance webmaster but you’re also providing your customers with the hosting services. You’ve made the website for one client and the for another. These are two separate websites assigned to another domain.

Development and production environment might be another example. You can have the environment for developing and testing the application as one website and the productive version of the website.

If you set up your websites on shared hosting, we will charge you in line with the pricing. If you run them on a cloud VPS we will charge you for a VPS itself, no matter how many websites you will actually set up on it.

When to add a new application?

You should add a new application when you want to add a new website at .domain or domain/ address.
Your ‘cat client’ wants to run his own blog and share his knowledge about cats. You should add an application within the same website and put it at the or

All the applications that you run within the same website will share the available resources between them and you won’t get charged for them. You only pay for the website.