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How to set up a website?










First register to MegiTeam, or login by filling in your e-mail and password. Check your mailbox – you should receive a voucher so that you can launch your first website at no charge.





Setting up a website

Add the website in the WWW tab. You can treat the website as if it was a set of an applications that are linked to one another. The applications are the specific WWW sites. You can add your first application with the website or leave it for later. After you set up your website, you will be given an information required to log in to the server. Here you will find out what to do next.



Adding another application to the website

You already have your website, and also you have your first application (ex. Django) available at . You want to add the WordPress blog to it and you want it to be available at What do you do?

In the website details, section WWW, set up a new application. Choose the preferences as it is shown on the image above. This action will create a catalogue with “page under construction” content. Replace that content with your WordPress resources and put it in action.

You can add other sites within the same website in the same way. If the site that you want to add is going to be under the separate and totally independent domain get to know this.