Do you need admin support?

What we do:

  • performance audit – we will check how is your website doing under some load, we will prepare the revisions list
  • optimization of the server configuration – we will increase the system performance and implement the security adjustments
  • problems debugging (from kernel to userspace) – something doesn’t work and you don’t know why? We will find the solution
  • automation – we will help you to make deploy and configuration management more efficient
  • consulting on server architecture design – discuss your ideas with the admins
  • production implementations – we will configure the environment accorting to the best practices
  • system programming – we will add new functionalities to the software of your server

We are familiar with/experienced in:

  • http: Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd, Haproxy, Tornado, Varnish
  • www: Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js
  • bazy: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Rethinkdb
  • monitoring/statistics: Diamong, Statsd, Graphite, Sysdig, Logstash+Kibana+Elasticsearch, SkyLine
  • system: LVM, Lxc (Docker), soft raid, virtualization, MogileFS, Ansible
  • programming languages: C, Python, Perl, bash, Go
  • others: AMQP, Red5

Our references

Our authorial hosting platform supporting new web technologies.

Cooperation in designing and complete implementation of the architecture for 20M+ req/day (dynamically generated images): load balancer/front proxy, django, tornado, redis, memcached, postgresql, varnish, mogilefs applications, caching forward proxy; productivity problems diagnostics

full system configuration, balancer/front proxy, rethinkdb database, monitoring/statistics (diamond, statsd, graphite), backups, firewall.

system images for django, rails, mongoDB, node.js; Ansible plugin that implements Oktavawe API (; development of the official client for Oktawave API (python library + cli (
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