How to try out?

It’s easy! Create an account by logging in with your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Github. You can use all features for only 5 PLN.

Wide choice

We are hosting PHP, Django (Python), Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached and more.

Quick start

From zero to Django in 30 seconds. Minimum Necessary Policy, logging in with Github, Twitter and Facebook account.


Top-up your account whenever you want. No payment dates, or any obligations. Do you miss the subscription payment system? Turn on the automatic invoice generator!

Billing on per-hour basis

A hosting account for a few days or even hours? It’s all right! That’s just a few pennies per hour from your prepaid account. You can delete it any time you want if it’s no longer necessary.

Up/down scalability

Take control of the overload! Increase or decrease the configuration whenever you need it.

The best support ever!

We are always on your side. Reliable support consisting of experienced server administrators will quickly respond to any of your request.

MegiTeam vs. shared hosting

Shared web hosting service refers to multiple websites residing one server that is sharing its resources between them. We give each of our clients an independent server with the specific amount of RAM and CPU timing and also their own database servers. Your website won’t be affected by the load generated by other websites. This also gives you maximum safety. We can sign the data transfer agreement without regard to the hosting package you choose.

MegiTeam vs. VPS

MegiTeam Hosting is comparable to Managed VPS Hosting, exept that you don’t need to manage it by yourself. Billing on per-hour basis, possibility to automate running/deleting the server at any time, scalability, are something that distinguishes us from the traditional solutions. Thanks to the use of cloud we can multiply the server’s computing power almost immediately, when things important to you need to be done. Our settlement system will cause that you will only pay for the time, when better parameters were actually needed.

MegiTeam vs. IaaS cloud computing

MegiTeam Hosting is a combination of the Iaas type of cloud (Oktawave) with our authorial hosting platform that supports new technologies. MegiTeam gives you the productive and scalable hardware resources, but you don’t have to take care of the server administration on your own. Operations like setting up a new site, email or (s)ftp account are available to use through the administration panel. By default, you have an access to shell and git but if you need a custom configuration we will also be able to help you.

MegiTeam vs. PaaS cloud computing

We automate many things like PaaS, but we grant you an access to the shell, so that you could install other software. We also give you an access to the full logs for better diagnostics. In standard MegiTeam gives you many services that you would have to pay for as another PaaS client (Postgresa, Memcached, NoSQL databases). Additionally we support PHP. You can setup a different site within the same instance, paying the same charge no matter how many sites you’ve created.

What do our clients say about us?

We use many different services: dedicated server hosting, cloud computing, administration support. MegiTeam understood our needs providing us with the professional consultancy at all stages of our cooperation.

HINTDariusz SzplitHINT

The comfortable management along with the professional – and even more importantly – flexible support allowed us to quickly enter the e-commerce market with our product and made our work trouble-free.

FUN IN DESIGNAleksandra JarośkiewiczFUN IN DESIGN